How To Copy A Course Across Moodle Sites

Want to copy a Moodle course from one site to another? In this tutorial we will show you how to do that. If your Moodle site is using a Boost-based theme you can copy our demo course to your site …

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Moodle Blocks – How to Find Out The Block ID

Each block in a Moodle course has its own unique ID and the link to the block is always #inst[ID]. If you know the ID number then you can provide a link to the particular block inside of the Moodle …

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How To Add A Support Email To Your Moodle Site

If you’re using Moodle’s contact form plugin, it uses your Moodle site’s support email as it’s default form recipient email. It’s a good idea to set up your Moodle’s support email address before creating your contact form. You can find …

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Moodle Theme Maker – New Header Dropdown Menu

In the latest Maker theme (for Moodle 3.8+) we have added a mobile-friendly dropdown menu in the header area. You can use this dropdown menu to add up to 40 menu items and a Call-To-Action button at the end of …

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Moodle Theme Maker – New Frontpage Data Box Widget Area

In the latest Moodle theme Maker (for Moodle 3.8+) we have added a data box widget area in the frontpage Call-To-Action section. It’s located just below the CTA section content and above the section CTA button. It’s the perfect place …

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Moodle Theme Maker – What’s New

We have added more UX/UI features and improvements in our Maker theme (for Moodle 3.8+). You can find all the new features listed in this blog post. New Frontpage Categories Section Now you can add up to 20 custom course …

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