Moodle 4.0+ Theme Edutor – How to add footer menu

We have released a brand new Boost-based premium Moodle theme “Edutor” for Moodle 4.0+. You can use the theme footer content blocks to add footer menu links to your Moodle 4.0+ site. In this tutorial we will show you how …

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what's new in moodle 4.0

What’s New In Moodle 4.0+

Moodle 4.0+ is released in April 2022 and it contains significant UX and UI improvements desired by the whole Moodle community. In this blog post we have listed all of the improvements and new features related to Moodle courses. Moodle …

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How To Install A New Moodle Theme

There are two ways of installing a new Moodle theme. In this tutorial we will show you the two methods by installing one of our premium Moodle themes, Maker. Update: This post has been updated to reflect interface changes in …

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Top 3 Boost-based Moodle Themes for Your Site

Since Moodle 3.x, Boost became Moodle’s new core theme. It’s designed to improve the overall user experience of Moodle across desktop and mobile devices and it comes with a new navigation system, course layout and convenient editing options. Moodle has …

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