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Herald Boost – Theme for Moodle LMS Platform

Herald Boost is a responsive Moodle LMS theme perfect for colleges, universities, businesses and government organisations. It’s built based on Moodle’s core theme Boost and comes with 4 preset colour schemes. You can change the primary theme colour easily via the theme settings page to meet your branding needs. This theme uses the latest Bootstrap 4 framework so you can also use Bootstrap’s various components in your course design. Configuring the theme is very easy and straightforward – just follow the instructions on the theme settings page. All of the theme related sections on the landing page can be turned on/off so you can choose the best combination for your own site.

Theme Licenses

Single Application License
(For Moodle 3.11)


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(30-Day Money-Back Guarantee)

Multiple Applications License
(For Moodle 3.11)


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Single Application License
(For Moodle 3.10)


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Multiple Applications License
(For Moodle 3.10)


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100% Money-Back Guarantee

We confidently offer a 100% money-back guarantee with all of our Moodle themes. If you decide you don’t want to use it and email us why within 30 days of buying, we promise you a full refund – no questions asked!


Theme Summary

  • Theme Version: v6.0 (Moodle 3.11) | v5.0 (Moodle 3.10)
  • Last Updated: 2021-05-17
  • Compatibility: Moodle 3.11 and 3.10
  • Theme Parents: Moodle Boost Theme

Theme Features

  • Based on Moodle’s core theme Boost
  • Responsive design
  • 4 colour presets (switch via theme settings)
  • Custom brand colour
  • Custom logo
  • Custom menus
  • User menu
  • Boost navigation
  • Frontpage alert
  • Frontpage hero slideshow (add up to 4 slides | adjustable slide height)
  • Frontpage featured blocks (add up to 8 blocks)
  • Frontpage benefits section (add up to 6 items)
  • Frontpage testimonials section (add up to 6 items)
  • Frontpage video section (add YouTube/Vimeo video)
  • Frontpage partners/press section (add up to 6 logos)
  • Frontpage social media section
  • Header widget areas
  • Footer widget areas
  • Footer content blocks (3 blocks) (example code)
  • Page “back-to-top” link
  • Custom SCSS/CSS
  • Custom icons for course activities and files
  • Supports Moodle Static Pages Plugin
  • Supports Moodle social logins (Facebook/Google/Linkedin/Microsoft)
  • Supports popular Moodle course format plugins: Grid, Buttons and Collapsed Topics
  • Supports Moodle Atto plugins (Full screen and Templates)
  • Supports Moodle Level Up! Plugin
  • Google analytics
  • Supports FontAwesome v4.7.0 icons (600+ icons)
  • Supports Google Material icons (900+ icons)
  • Supports Bootstrap 4 components
  • Compatible Browsers: Latest IE, Latest Chrome, Latest Firefox, Latest Safari

Theme Support

If you would like to report theme bugs and issues, please email us at


Theme FAQ

Once installed you can go to the theme settings page to configure the theme: Site administration > Appearance > Themes > Herald Boost
You need to replace the whole theme folder with the new one to ensure you don’t miss any changes. Also remember to purge the Moodle cache to see all the changes.
No, you won’t. All of your theme configurations are safely stored in your database so you won’t lose anything.
Please email us at with your Moodle version/build and theme version so we can investigate and fix the bug/issue for you asap.


Theme Installation

  1. Download the theme zip file
  2. Extract the /herald_boost/ folder and the files.
  3. Upload the /herald_boost/ folder to your hosting server’s Moodle theme directory: Your Moodle installation > theme > herald_boost
  4. Log into your Moodle site as an admin, and navigate to the theme selector: Settings > Site administration > Appearance > Themes > Theme selector
  5. Click “use theme” next to the Herald Boost theme to activate
For more detailed instructions, please check out our tutorial here.



Moodle v3.11 ONLY

2021-05-17: v6.0

  • Initial Release
Moodle v3.10 ONLY

2020-11-09: v5.0

  • Initial Release
Moodle v3.9 ONLY

2020-06-15: v4.0

  • Initial Release
Moodle v3.8 ONLY

2019-11-18: v3.0

  • Initial Release
Moodle v3.7 ONLY

2019-11-15: v2.1

  • Theme improvements and bug fixes
  • Affected files & folders:
    herald_boost > templates folder
    herald_boost > version.php

2019-05-20: v2.0

  • Initial Release
Moodle v3.6 ONLY

2019-05-03: v1.1

  • Theme improvements and bug fixes
  • Affected files & folders:
    herald_boost > scss > theme folder
    herald_boost > templates folder
    herald_boost > classes folder
    herald_boost > plugins folder
    herald_boost > version.php

2019-01-16: v1.0

  • Initial Release


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