How To Limit The Number of Moodle Courses Displayed On Your Front Page

If you have configured your Moodle’s front page to display a list of available courses, Moodle will display up to 200 courses by default. This is not a problem if your site only has a few courses but if you have hundreds of courses you might want to limit the number of courses displayed on the front page. You can follow the steps below to limit the front page course numbers.

Step 1

Log in to your Moodle site as an admin user, and navigate to the “Front page settings” page: Site administration > Front page > Front page settings


Step 2

Find the “Maximum number of courses” option on the settings page and set your desired number.


That’s it. Now you should have a course list with a limited number of courses. Moodle displays the newest available courses first in the course list. Want to manually pick some courses to display on your front page as featured courses? Check out our premium Moodle theme Maker. In the Maker theme you can manually add up to 20 featured courses and 6 promo blocks with video links.

Moodle Maker theme – featured courses section


Moodle Maker theme – promo blocks section