Brand new Moodle theme released! Based on Boost and packed with exciting new features.
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How to add a global search box to your Moodle site

You may have noticed that some Moodle sites have a global search box displayed in the site header area. By default the global search box is not enabled in Moodle as it’s an advanced feature which you need to enable …

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5 Premium Moodle Themes Based on Moodle’s Boost Theme

Moodle’s theme development is evolving rapidly and the new Boost theme is going to be the only core theme supported by Moodle later this year. Moodle is set to completely remove its old core theme Bootstrapbase and Bootstrapbase-based themes Clean …

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How to change your Moodle theme’s favicon

A website favicon is the icon displayed in the address bar of a browser as shown in the figure below. Most of the Moodle themes use the Moodle logo as the default favicon. Want to use your own icon instead? …

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Moodle Theme Maker For Moodle 3.6

Moodle Theme Maker for Moodle 3.6 – Main UI Changes

We’ve released a new Maker theme for Moodle 3.6. Maker theme is built based on Moodle’s core theme Boost so any Moodle changes applied to the Boost theme will be reflected in our Maker theme. There are two major interface …

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Moodle Theme Maker – How to translate theme settings

By default our Moodle theme Maker’s settings are in English. If your Moodle site is using a different language you can translate the theme settings from English to your language. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to translate the …

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Moodle Theme Maker for Moodle: RTL Support

We’ve added RTL language support in our Moodle theme Maker. If your Modole site is in an RTL language (eg. Arabic), you can now use the beautiful Maker theme for your site. Below are the simple steps you can follow …

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