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How to change the default words and phrases in Moodle

Is it possible to change the default words and phrases on the Moodle site (version 2.0 and above)?

This is a frequently asked question by our clients. The answer is yes, and you can find the instructions for doing so in the official Moodle documentation here. However, it is a bit difficult to follow the documentation without some visual guidance, so I decided to make this tutorial to help guide you through it.

To start with, let’s set a real task:

One of my clients noticed that on the default Moodle login page, it says “Returning to this web site?” and they asked me if it is possible to change “web site” to “website”

Now let’s solve this problem:

Step 1

Log into your Moodle site as an admin user, and navigate to the Language customization option: Settings > Site administration > Language > Language customization


Step 2

Select English from the language pull-down menu


Step 3

Click the “Check out strings to translator” button, then once that’s done click the “continue” button.


Step 4

Select moodle.php in the selection box, as the string we want to replace belongs to moodle.php.


Step 5

Go to “Only strings containing” filter box, and enter “Returning to this web site?” (or any other text you want to replace it with, without the quotation marks).

As you can see, although we only want to replace “web site” with “website”, we still have to search it’s container-sentence and replace the whole sentence “Returning to this web site?” with “Returning to this website?”


Step 6

Enter “Returning to this website?” to the Local customization box, and then click the “Save and check in string into files” button.


Step 7

You will then see the screen below. Click the “continue” button to carry on.


Step 8

Now you can log out, then refresh your browser and go to the login page, and you should see that “web site” is now “website”.


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