Moodle Tip: How to remove messaging

By default, Moodle allows users to message each other. However, some organisations might want to prevent students from messaging each other. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to disable your Moodle site’s messaging system. Step 1 – Disable Messaging …

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Moodle Course Tip: How to Quickly Enrol Users in Boost Theme

If you are using Boost or a Boost-based theme for your Moodle site, enrolling users to your course has become really straightforward. Instead of navigating to the “Enrolled Users” option via the course administration page, the course teacher can quickly …

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How to make your Moodle’s text editor go fullscreen

When creating course content in Moodle, it’s nice to have the option to make Moodle’s text editor go fullscreen so you have more screen space to work with the content. This is particularly useful when your content is long or …

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How to add pages to Moodle using the Static Pages Plugin

Unlike WordPress, you can’t add “Pages” in Moodle as it only allows you to add “Courses”. Luckily, there is a brilliant Moodle third party plugin called “Static Pages” which can help you add HTML pages to your Moodle site with …

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How to add social logins to your Moodle site

Want to make the signup/login process of your Moodle site simple, easy and fast for your users? In this tutorial, we will walk you through how to add social login options (eg. Facebook/Google/Linkedin/Microsoft) to your Moodle’s login page. We’ve set …

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