Brand new Moodle theme released! Based on Boost and packed with exciting new features.
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How to make Moodle grader report easy to read

In a Moodle course teachers can grade students’ work and view the report via the “Grades” option under the “Course administration” (see figure 1). However the default view of the report is not easy to read as there are too …

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what's new in moodle 2.6

What’s new in Moodle 2.6

Moodle 2.6 was released this month and you can download the stable version via the Moodle’s official website. While updating all of our premium themes to work with this version we noticed some nice UI/UX improvements made by the Moodle …

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How to customise CSS in our premium Moodle themes

We’ve got more and more customers who have bought our premium Moodle themes deciding to apply small changes/tweaks to the theme CSS file to meet their own design needs. If you are in this situation please read on.

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How to clear Moodle theme caches

“Why are changes not applied when I update my Moodle theme files, even when I clear my browser cache?” I was puzzled by this question when I started out designing themes for Moodle many years ago. If this is also an issue for you, read on.

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How to add a Facebook Comments Box to your Moodle site

Adding a Facebook Comments Box enables users to easily make comments, which is a nice way to enhance the social media aspects of your site. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to add the Comments Box to your Moodle site’s side column

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Moodle Themes – “Ace” and “Brizzle”

We have launched our first two premium Moodle Themes and they have proved to be very popular. I thought I’d write a quick guide to illustrate options available in their of their theme settings page for our old and future customers alike.

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