How To Remove The Data Retention Summary Link From Your Moodle Site

By default, Moodle 4.x will show a “Data Retention Summary” link to site visitors. Different themes may show the link in different places. All of our premium Moodle 4.x themes show the link in the footer area. If you don’t want to display the link to your site visitors you can easily remove it via Moodle’s privacy settings page.

Moodle 4.x theme Edutor

The Data Retention Summary link is displayed in the footer area.


Moodle 4.x theme Boost

The Data Retention Summary link is displayed in the popover.


To remove the link you need to go to the Privacy settings page and untick the “Show data retention summary” checkbox and save changes.

Path to the settings page: Site administration > Users > Privacy and Policies > Privacy settings