How to make your Moodle course public without asking user to log in as a guest


By default, users need to log in to see a Moodle course. However, sometimes you might want to make a course public so the users can click the course title and go straight into the course… Read more

Moodle theme Gourmet – Useful HTML code for the footer content blocks


Some of our customers who bought our responsive Moodle theme “Gourmet” wanted to configure the three theme footer content blocks… Read more

Add Useful Bootstrap Components to Moodle Theme Gourmet


Want to improve your Moodle course’s content design? We have updated our responsive Moodle theme Gourmet to support all the useful Bootstrap 3 components Read more

How to enable the “docking” feature in Moodle theme Gourmet

Moodle Dock Feature

After launching our responsive Moodle theme Gourmet, several customers got in touch and asked if we could add Moodle’s docking feature to the theme… Read more

Responsive Mahara Theme Fabfolio Updated

Mahara Theme Fabfolio

We have updated our responsive Mahara theme “Fabfolio”. It’s now tested with the latest Mahara 1.8. We also added the mobile collapsible menu for the theme based on customer feedback… Read more

Moodle Theme Gourmet – A new responsive Moodle theme

Moodle Theme Gourmet

We have launched another responsive Moodle theme “Gourmet” for Moodle 2.5/2.6 which is based on our fast selling HTML5 website template “College Green”… Read more

Free Moodle Theme “Mandarin” updated for Moodle 2.6

Moodle Theme Mandarin

We have updated our popular free Moodle theme “Mandarin” to work with Moodle 2.6. The new release contains numerous bug fixes and design improvements… Read more

College Green – A responsive education website template

Responsive education website template

We are happy to announce our first responsive education website template based on the Bootstrap framework. If you are using Bootstrap 3 as your website’s framework… Read more

How to set a different theme for a Moodle course


A lot of you know that you can set a theme for your Moodle site but some of you may not know that you can also set different themes for the courses in the same Moodle site. A theme you … Read more

How to make Moodle grader report easy to read


In a Moodle course teachers can grade students’ work and view the report via the “Grades” option under the “Course administration” (see figure 1). However the default view of the report is not easy to read as there are too … Read more

How to add a Twitter timeline widget to Moodle after June 2013


Two years ago we wrote a blog post about how to add a Twitter timeline to a Moodle site via the Remote RSS Feeds block. Unfortunately Twitter fully retired its API v1 in June 2013 which means you can no … Read more

What’s new in Moodle 2.6

what's new in moodle 2.6

Moodle 2.6 was released this month and you can download the stable version via the Moodle’s official website. While updating all of our premium themes to work with this version we noticed some nice UI/UX improvements made by the Moodle … Read more