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Moodle Theme Tip: How to make the testimonial carousel cycle automatically in the Gourmet theme

In our responsive Moodle theme Gourmet, there is a testimonial carousel section and the testimonials can be played manually. If you want to have the testimonials cycle automatically as shown in the figure below, you can make a small change in the theme JavaScript.


Step 1

Open the theme JavaScript file in your text editor.

Gourmet > JavaScript > main.js


Step 2

Find the line: $('#testimonials-carousel').carousel({interval: false, pause: "hover"}); and change the value of “interval” from “false” to a number.

The number is the time (milliseconds) to delay between automatically cycling a testimonial item. For example, if you want the cycling interval to be 5 seconds, the number you enter should be 5000.


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