How to enable the “docking” feature in Moodle theme Gourmet

After launching our responsive Moodle theme Gourmet, several customers got in touch and asked if we could add Moodle’s docking feature to the theme. “Gourmet” is a child theme of Moodle’s native Bootstrapbase theme and it inherits all the layouts and stylings from this parent theme.  Since Bootstrapbase left out the docking feature in early versions of Moodle 2.5.x/2.6.x, docking is also not available in Gourmet. However, based on high demand Moodle developers have now added the docking option into the Bootstrapbase theme (related Moodle ticket: MDL-38923).

Therefore we have updated our Gourmet theme so docking can be enabled for sites using Moodle versions 2.5.6+, 2.6.3+ and 2.7. For anyone who is interested in enabling the docking feature in our Gourmet theme, you need to follow the three simple steps below:

Important: Do NOT enable the docking feature if you are using Moodle versions lower than 2.5.6, 2.6.3 and 2.7 as it will break the site navigation script! You can either upgrade your Moodle or leave the docking feature disabled.

You can find out your Moodle version following our tutorial here

Example: Moodle Version 2.6.1 and 2.6.2 is lower than Moodle version 2.6.3

Step 1

Go to the Gourmet theme folder and find a file called “config.php”. Open the file using a text editor and change line 38 from “$THEME->enable_dock = false;” to “$THEME->enable_dock = true;

Moodle Theme Enable Dock

Disable Moodle dock (default in Gourmet theme):

$THEME->enable_dock = false;

Enable Moodle dock:

$THEME->enable_dock = true;

Step 2

Log in to your Moodle site as an administrator and navigate to the theme settings page: Site administration > Appearance > Themes > Theme settings

Moodle Theme Enable Dock

Step 3

On the theme settings page, make sure that the option “Allow blocks to use the dock” is checked. Click the “Save changes” button to save the settings.

Moodle Theme Enable Dock

That’s it, now you can enjoy the Moodle dock in our Gourmet theme.

Moodle Theme Dock Feature


You followed the steps above but still can’t get the docking feature working on your site?

You need to check your Moodle version. If you are using early versions of Moodle 2.5/2.6 (eg. Moodle 2.6.1) the docking feature is not going to work for you. You can either upgrade your Moodle or disable the dock feature by setting “$THEME->enable_dock = false;

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  • Carlos Correa

    Hi i´d like to know how can i install this gourmet theme for moodle 2.6.

    Thank´s four your help.


  • In the Moodle theme Gourmet, if the docking feature is implemented and all blocks in a column are docked, will the other column(s) re-size, becoming wider, so that more content can be seen in the remaining column(s)?

    • Xiaoying

      @Gerry: Yes.

  • agnes

    In the front page of moodle with gourmet theme the site description block and html block can’t be docked. They don’t have any dock icon.

  • Si Wooler

    This theme is excellent. I’m delighted with it so thank you. I have one problem with docking. All the blocks successfully dock but the main column of the page doesn’t expand to fill the right hand void. Can anyone point me at the code I need to look at to resolve this?
    I’m using Moodle 2.5.7

    • eLearning Themes

      Make sure you are using the latest version of Gourmet. Email us if you need the latest file.

      The docking works fine on our demo:

    • Si Wooler

      Thank you for your reply. I only bought the theme a couple of days ago so I’m assuming I have the latest version!
      What happens in the demo is what I would like to happen on my site, but it doesn’t!
      I’m using version 2.3.4 of Gourmet. Is that the latest version?

    • eLearning Themes

      Yes, v2.3.4 is the latest version of Gourmet. Perhaps you can upgrade your Moodle instead? Moodle 2.5 is no longer supported by Moodle.

    • Si Wooler

      I do have custom css but this problem was present before I added it. I can’t upgrade moodle at this time unfortunately but I certainly see how that might resolve the problem. When I am in a position to do that I will, certainly. In the mean time I can live with it. Out of interest what drives the docking function? JS?

    • eLearning Themes

      Yes, JS. The docking feature is a Moodle function.

    • Si Wooler

      looking a lot like a moodle issue to me. (certainly Gourmet works much better than Moodle Essential for me… but I didn’t say that 😉 ) May resolve when I put Gourmet as default. thanks for your help. Great theme, great service 🙂

    • eLearning Themes

      Thanks, Si. Just tested the theme in Moodle 2.5 and found the temp fix for you:

      Can you add the following css in the “Custom CSS” input field?
      .content-only #page #region-main {
      width: 100%;

      Hope that helps.

    • Si Wooler

      Yes! Yes! Yes! You guys are the best! That did it. Thank you so much 🙂

    • eLearning Themes

      You are welcome! Glad the fix worked for you. However, it’s best to upgrade your Moodle in the near future. 🙂

    • Si Wooler

      Will do and thanks again.

    • eLearning Themes

      PS: Do you have any custom css?