Moodle Theme Maker – How to reorder the frontpage theme sections

Our premium Moodle theme Maker is a Boost-based Moodle theme so it’s very easy to change the order of the frontpage sections by editing the related theme template file(s). In this tutorial we will show you how to make the changes so you can customise the frontpage section order to best suit your site’s landing UX needs.

Step 1 – Find the template files

There are two files related to the Maker theme’s frontpage layout. Both of them are located under the theme templates folder: maker > templates

File 1frontpage.mustache

This template is used to control the layout for logged-in users. If your Moodle course allows guest login then this template applies to logged-in guest users as well.

*File 2frontpage_guest.mustache

*Note: This file only applies to Maker theme for Moodle 3.x. Maker theme for Moodle 4.x doesn’t have this file.

This template is used to control the layout for visitors (not logged-in users)

Step 2 – Edit the template

Open your desired template file in a text editor and change the order of the relevant code snippets.

Below is a list of the code snippets for displaying the frontpage sections.