How to set Moodle’s user login page as the site’s landing page

By default, when visitors arrive at a Moodle site, the landing page is Moodle’s “Front page”. Moodle’s “Front page” usually contains a list of courses, news items and some Moodle side blocks depending on the site’s configuration, and the content on the page can be viewed by all the site visitors. Some of my clients wanted to prevent anonymous site visitors from seeing any content (including the content on the “Front page”), and asked me if it is possible to change Moodle’s default landing page to the user login page so that only site registered users are able to proceed further. As usual, the answer is yes and it is actually really easy to do in Moodle.

Step 1

Log into your Moodle site as an admin user, and navigate to the Site policies settings option by going to Settings > Site administration > Security> Site policies

Step 2

Tick the “Force users to login” option’s checkbox.


Step 3

Click the “Save changes” button. Now, if you log out and try to access your Moodle site again, you will see that the site’s landing page is no longer Moodle’s “Front page” and that the Moodle user login page is displayed.


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  • Varuna

    Thanks, it took me ages to figure this out. 🙂

  • This helped me alot! Thank you! 🙂

  • Jacob B

    hi! but is there trick to change front page to landing page with only registered form?
    something like this?


    how you set. Welcome seting plz help me i also want to chnge my login like this.